Explore Skopje with Your Galaxy S5

Skopje Green Routes

With detailed information on how to get about in Skopje after arriving, this tool will help you to find best hotels at reasonable prices, easy and quick travel guide and directions, Google transits and maps. It also provides information about bus routes and timetables, bicycle rental-points and parking places, it also gives real-time information on traffic congestion and air pollution.


You don’t have to wait anymore. Just click the link and get all these features right away.

Skopje Taximeter

When in Skopje, get to know the routes, estimated time and the fair for your desired destination all in a single app. This also provides details about traffic in Skopje. So when you are travelling in a Taxi, you can have all the information you are going to need right in your phone with Skopje Taximeter.


You can download it from Google play store anytime by clicking on the link.

Visit Skopje

Make your visits to Skopje exciting with this perfect tool. It helps you find hotels at reasonable prices, best restaurants and popular shopping spots. Besides these, you can also find complete information about the historical heritage, monuments, nature beauties and other desirable spots on the go. It has map and weather forecast that works both offline and online.


To get this app, click here and download it from google play store

Skopje Map

This is a must to have app when travelling to Skopje. It offers an online map so that you can search and save your desired location points on the map. It also provides an offline map which is extremely useful when you don’t have access to internet or Wi-Fi services. You can also search for the object by its address.


Hence, this is the ultimate source for all routes, maps and directions. Download it right now and never get lost.

Looking for more? Check out this video below:

Explore Skopje with Your Galaxy S5

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