Adventurous Planning Apps For Galaxy S5

Travel planner

This is an awesome app to plan your trip I just a perfect way. It has many useful features like you can buy tickets at comparable rates, find the fastest and quickest routes for shops and addresses, mark locations on map and can also receive alerts in case of any delay. In short, you can plan your entire trip right on your phone.


So before you start traveling, make sure to have this amazing planning tool. You can download it easily from here.

mTrip Travel Guides

This one of the most popular travel guide apps for Android users and requires no internet connection at all. It has complete information on restaurants, bars, hotels, museums, theaters and even shop. This is one spot for all recreation stuff. It also offers offline maps and directions for desired destination and built in currency converter.


To enjoy complete set of features just download it and have amazing traveling experience.

Note: This app may require that you root your Galaxy S5 before you can start using it. Therefore we strongly recommend that you follow these SuperWyzz tutorials before trying to install it.

World Travel Guide by Triposo

Before you travel to your desired destination, just have this app and plan everything to its fullest. Pick a country or major city to download its guide and get suggestions for things you want to see and do. You will also see a map and complete directions for the major sights, great restaurants, different nightlife options and gives information about local wildlife, festivals, culture, food and more. It also has a converter and weather forecast.


To download it, click here.

Skyscanner Hotels

Take a detailed look and find family friendly hotels, boutique guesthouses, budget hotels, 5 star and inclusive resort all around the world at most reasonable prices ever. This app is designed keeping in mind the convenience of travelers. It provides with the best hotel search, an easy and accurate hotel comparison and hotel booking facilities right on your phone.


All you need to do is download it to avail all the ravishing features right away and get to know about the latest deals as well.

Adventurous Planning Apps For Galaxy S5

Best Flying Apps For Galaxy S5

Liligo Flight And Hotel Search

This is a powerful and revolutionary technology that helps you make the best comparison for flights and facilities around the globe. You can also look for the cheap hotels, food, and also the car services. It also gives you the access to travel agencies and other related features. With this tool in your device you can find, compare and book your flights and hotels.


So download it from here to have the unbeatable features on the go.

Skyscanner – All Flights

This is a must to have app when you want to know anything about the flight schedules, prices, services and all other details. It is specially designed to provide the best and accurate information with complete list of flights at most reasonable prices. For convenience, it has 30 accessible languages and can be used anywhere anytime.


You can download it with a simple click right now.


This is an ultimate solution for all traveling issues. From flight to hotel and to the car rental, everything is now accessible right from your device. Have smart travel search engine, hotel deals and price comparisons, flight and its schedules, car rental search and booking, flight tracker and itinerary management with just one app.


Kayak is not only easy but also very quick. You can get it from Google Play Store with a simple click.


This is one of the top ranking tools for comparing flights all around the world including different airlines at the lowest prices. You can choose the best suited flight keeping all your requirements in mind like price range, flight duration, time of arrival and departure, airport and agents etc. Find the most reliable information regarding flight search and avail the best facilities with Cheapflight.


You can download it and can take pleasure of quick flight search right now.


This wonderful tool helps your phone to check air traffic and see planes around the world. It is most frequently downloaded and used to search for individual flights using flight number or airport or airline. It also provides details for arrivals and departures. Along with other amazing features, it also tells about current airport weather conditions with a simple click.


You can download it right now, right here.

Best Flying Apps For Galaxy S5

Amazing Recreation Apps For Galaxy S5

TourPal Travel guide & Tours

As says the name, this is a complete digital tour guide. With unique and user friendly features like free online and offline maps and worldwide multilingual voice guide, it ranks among top traveling apps. It also provides complete details about restaurants, bars, shops and sites and helps to find best hotels with lowest rates.


To avail all these features and many others, simply download from here and have fun.


Traveling to any corner of the world is now much easier with this most advanced app for flights, hotels and cars. It notifies for all the hotel deals, flight departure date and destination. It also gives alerts in case of flight delay. You can also book car rental from your device and can even get information about tour tickets, shows, theme parks, museums, natural beauties and even the airports shuttles.


You can enjoy many other unique features by downloading Expedia from play store.

TouristEye – Travel Guide

Plan your trip in the best way with this absolutely mind blowing app. It helps to find best places around you by expert recommendations such as best beaches for surfing, sunsets, local dishes, secret gardens, theme parks, museums, views and thousands of unique experiences. So break the monotony and make your experience memorable with TouristEye.


To download, just click on the link and have fun.


This dynamic app helps you discover the best events near you or far away. You can find restaurants with best food around, book hotels at the most reasonable prices with best deals and can share your fun activities with your friends with our post card filter tools.


Find the best recreation spot for you with Gogobot. You can download it right here.

Amazing Recreation Apps For Galaxy S5

Explore Skopje with Your Galaxy S5

Skopje Green Routes

With detailed information on how to get about in Skopje after arriving, this tool will help you to find best hotels at reasonable prices, easy and quick travel guide and directions, Google transits and maps. It also provides information about bus routes and timetables, bicycle rental-points and parking places, it also gives real-time information on traffic congestion and air pollution.


You don’t have to wait anymore. Just click the link and get all these features right away.

Skopje Taximeter

When in Skopje, get to know the routes, estimated time and the fair for your desired destination all in a single app. This also provides details about traffic in Skopje. So when you are travelling in a Taxi, you can have all the information you are going to need right in your phone with Skopje Taximeter.


You can download it from Google play store anytime by clicking on the link.

Visit Skopje

Make your visits to Skopje exciting with this perfect tool. It helps you find hotels at reasonable prices, best restaurants and popular shopping spots. Besides these, you can also find complete information about the historical heritage, monuments, nature beauties and other desirable spots on the go. It has map and weather forecast that works both offline and online.


To get this app, click here and download it from google play store

Skopje Map

This is a must to have app when travelling to Skopje. It offers an online map so that you can search and save your desired location points on the map. It also provides an offline map which is extremely useful when you don’t have access to internet or Wi-Fi services. You can also search for the object by its address.


Hence, this is the ultimate source for all routes, maps and directions. Download it right now and never get lost.

Looking for more? Check out this video below:

Explore Skopje with Your Galaxy S5